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Shake well & serve chilled - Consume within 3 days of opening
Refrigerate at all times (1°C to 4°C)

Balkis Orange

Our signature 100% Fresh Orange juice is a pure, natural juice brought to you straight from the fruit, it's unlike any other.

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Balkis Apple

Made from 100% sweet Lebanese apples, Balkis Apple Juice is sure to keep you healthy. It will certainly restore your energy when you need that extra boost!

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Balkis Mawardi

An intense red blush with incredible amounts of beneficial antioxidants and nutrients. This 100% Fresh Mawardi juice is a perfect blend of sweet and juicy satisfaction.

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Balkis Afandi

One of a kind. This full-bodied and intense 100% Fresh Afandi (Clementine) juice is a flavorful and tasty citrus experience.

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Balkis Grapefruit

Loaded with vitamin C, this 100% Fresh Grapefruit juice is a natural energy booster with the unique taste of freshness.

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Balkis Pink Grapefruit

Citrus lovers will savor this gourmet and energizing 100% Fresh Pink Grapefruit juice.

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Balkis Pomegranate

Freshly squeezed and made with passion, Balkis pomegranate juice is flavorful, exotic, and healthy.

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Balkis Lemonade

All-natural classic style 100% Fresh Lemonade. That great homemade taste without the effort of preparing it yourself.

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Balkis Lemon Squeeze

100% Fresh Lemon; the convenience of pure lemon squeeze to your cuisine. It gives your food the zesty intensity of fresh lemon without having to squeeze it yourself.